XS Бокс «Оксамитовий секс»
Артикул: HM010

Ви вкладаєте коханого на лопатки, у вас в руках таємний козир і важіль впливу, суперконцентрат сексуальної енергії. 

Дівчина стала жінкою, до якої ще дорости треба. Таких спокусниць чоловіки бояться втратити і ставлять їх інтереси вище своїх. Бокс про цінність, сексуальний потяг та справжнє кохання з найпровокативнішими формулами.

В набір входять: 3 sisters in Marseille, Love Service, Formula 021, Formula 09

2042 грн
2150 грн
Постійна пропозиція
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3 sisters in Marseille Relationship - with this fragrance you put him on the shoulders with just one look and commit to a serious relationship. The girl has become a woman to whom it is still necessary to grow. A fragrance about true love and responsibility.

Love service – You and your partner will solve this juicy, fresh and sweet riddle alone. The aroma tames you and turns you into a kitty with soft paws. At the start, it opens with a playful apple, by noon it is already businesslike, strict, like a cup of black tea. By the evening it becomes super-seductive, sexy, with creamy and milky notes. Notes: bergamot, apple, black tea, amber, musk, oakmoss.

Formula 09 – A luxurious leather fragrance with juniper berries and mate, fresh and green. Fashionable and status with expensive and exclusive ingredients! Olfactory massage is guaranteed. The aroma is love from the first notes.

You met a wonder woman - your husband will want to see only 2 pieces of jewelry on you: a wedding ring and this perfume. Men are afraid to lose such women and put their interests above their own. Chic, stable and trailing.